Frequently asked questions

About itembase

  1. What can I do with itembase?

    itembase is your personal inventory. Start building a digital collection of your belongings by using your dedicated shopping email address. We will automatically add your products to your collection along with all the important stuff like receipts, warranties and manuals. We'll also show you what your items are worth on marketplaces like eBay. When you're ready for an upgrade, we'll create listings for your items on these marketplaces. Having a problem with your items? Why not ask people on itembase who own the same things? We simply want you to enjoy your purchases and to have full control over the things you own. The best part? It's 100% free!

  2. How do I use itembase?

    There are three easy ways to add products to your personal inventory:

    • If you want to add items to your collection that you already own, the easiest way is to connect your Gmail account for an autoscan. Our system will extract every item you ever purchased through this email address by identifying your receipts and confirmation emails. This is 100% safe
    • You can also add items manually by simply clicking \"Add item\" when you are browsing through itembase or searching for a particular product.
    • Use your itembase email
  3. Why should I use my email for my shopping?

    Your address is your dedicated shopping email. The itembase inbox is a smart system that automatically detects what kind of email it receives. It will categorize your emails into folders (e.g. newsletters, coupons, order confirmations etc.), stop any annoying spam from reaching you and extract relevant information like invoices.

Security and privacy

  1. What does itembase do to protect my data?

    itembase takes the security and integrity of every account holder very seriously. The trust you give us is a privilege and we assure you that we'll always have data safeguarding as our highest priority. Our technology is built to protect all accounts similar to a bank system. All customer data is only processed in clusters and is 100% anonymous. We don't pass on personal information to our partners and we use the strongest 256-bit encryption technology to guarantee full integrity of our customer data.

  2. What happens exactly when I allow itembase to scan my email account?

    We have developed an automated system that can detect which emails are related to online shopping and which are not. The automatic program will only gather information from shopping emails and none of your other email's content will be looked at. Nothing will be altered in your inbox, you will only get a list of the products that were found.

  3. Will you access my payment information?

    No. Webshop email receipts typically do not contain your complete payment details. In addition, we deliberately bypass that information extraction to ensure that it remains confidential to you.

  4. Will webshops or my friends be able to see what I'm buying?

    Your purchases are confidential to you and what you share is your decision. itembase will not automatically share or broadcast any information that is personal to you, unless you choose otherwise and invite people to become friends on.

  5. Will you give personal data to third parties?

    No, we will not give away personally identifiable data. We do, however, give our partners access to anonymous, aggregated data which they can use that shows statistical patterns. An example could be "Of 5,000 people bought who product A, 3,000 also bought product B."

Other Questions

  1. Is itembase available for my mobile device?

    Yes! Just install the itembase iOS App and you’re set! You can then add items to your inventory by taking pictures, scanning barcodes or uploading receipts. The Android version is coming soon, stay tuned

  2. I have a suggestion on a new feature for itembase.

    Great, we'd love your input! Please send your suggestions to info(at)