itembase automates your purchase management for you

Never lose a receipt, forget where you bought your stuff or miss a warranty. And there is even more ...

itembase, your online shopping assistant

itembase is built by shoppers for shoppers to improve our after sales experience

Sync your email

Automatically adds all your past purchases

Connect a shop

All future purchases from a shop will be added automatically

Upload an invoice

Old invoices you have saved, can be uploaded directly

Add manually

Can't find your receipt? Use our database to add them

How simple was that? You just set up your inventory.

Work with your inventory

At itembase we're constantly developing new ways to improve your online shopping experience


Automatically track the remaining time left on your warranties.


Stay up-to-date on the current resale value of things you own.

Taxes (coming soon)

Working from home? Keep track of the taxes for your equipment.

Shipping (coming soon)

One central service to track purchases being delivered.

One overview that covers every aspect

Bonus: Organize your inventory

People use things for different reasons, so we've created a way for you to use custom collections


Have a complete overview of every item you own


Sort your items into unique collections that you name


Organize your items by the shops you buy from

Never again lose track of one of your items

Bonus: Manage your data

At itembase we're constantly developing new ways to improve your online shopping experience and security

Personal Data

Always be aware of every shop you have shared information with

Shop Connections

Keep track of shops instead of the other way around

Be the one who's in control of your data

Bonus: An improved shopping life

With a complete overview, you can monitor every aspect of your online purchases

Money Spent

Keep track of how much you spend before the invoice arrives

Product Life Cycle

Be aware of your purchases, repairs, or upgrades

Best Offers

Get notified of offers uniquely customized to your preferences

We've got your back

You want more?

Our free service has even more great features for you to take advantage of.

1-Click Selling

Want to upgrade one of your items? Simply sell the old one

itembase Connect

Connect your favorite shops with itembase for extra security

Warranties & Insurance

Extend your warranties or purchase insurance

How simple was that? You just set up your inventory

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