Your personal inventory.

itembase enables you to build the digital collection of your belongings

No more paper mess

itembase automatically extracts the receipts from your purchases. It tracks the things you purchased and how much warranty you have left on every item. It adds manuals, FAQs, pictures and other useful information to your purchased items.

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Easy troubleshooting

itembase enables you to get in touch with other owners to exchange experiences and get expert help in case you need advice on something regarding your items. Do you have a problem which is covered by the warranty? Our templates will allow you to easily communicate warranty issues, returns and other service issues directly to the seller.

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Discover the value of your belongings and turn them into cash

itembase tracks the current cash-value of all your items. Identify the things that you don't use anymore but that someone else will pay for. Make money by selling your items with our one-click selling feature.

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Get inspired and inspire others

Connect with other shoppers on itembase. Follow your friends and see what they buy. Exchange experiences with people who own the same things you do. Enable your friends make bids for your items.

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