Data Management

Making Worldwide Enterprise Commerce Data Actionable

Structured eCommerce Data in
One Normalized Format

Itembase accesses data from any Marketplace, Commerce System, Digital Receipt or Screen Capture of a Paper Receipt in any language, currency, date format, etc. Itembase’s Data Management Solution ingests this incompatible, disparate and non-standardized data to make it available for our Customers in a structured data format that can be used to drive business value.

– eCommerce and Brick-&-Mortar
– 550+ Formats Consolidated to 1
– Data Sorted & Cleansed
– Measures Harmonized
– Accuracy & Completeness Validated
– Provided as Data Feed or Standard Reports

Consolidation into One Format

There are over 550 Marketplaces, Commerce Systems and endless ways that Itembase accesses Consumer transaction details. Data is consolidated into one, normalized and usable format.

Sort, Cleanse, Harmonize & Load

Processing steps include sorting by receiver to set aside unstructured and duplicate data. Harmonization of date, time, weight, volume, etc. to be reformatted into Itembase’s core data format which allows for structured analysis.

Validating Data Accuracy

Validation of the quality of each transaction data set to ensure that all of the information has arrived, is complete and accurate. Incomplete data sets are set aside awaiting potential updates and/or corrections.

Data Feed or Reporting Options

Customers can subscribe to a raw Data Feed with the structured core data output, or to Standard Reports generated by the Itembase Reporting Solution. The Itembase Data Management Solution allows for analysis of structured data which will create business insights and value.

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